How does the Powder Blender work with colored pencil from Brush and Pencil???

I have people asking me all the time about the Powder Blender from Brush and The ask, “What type of paper do I use?”, “Why do I use sanded paper?”, “Why doesn’t this work on regular paper that I use with my colored pencil work?” I have people expressing the trials and errors or frustration when using this product with their colored pencils. My short answer is, “Get the right materials” This video goes into detail why you need the right materials. I am sharing what I know and what I believe about the product and how it works. If you were to paint with oil paint, you wouldn’t mix it with water. If you use powder blender, you can’t use regular paper. I do not work for, I just really love the products and I want to share my knowledge in hopes that you can gain a better understanding and have FUN with it. Enjoy!