UArt Premium Sanded Pastel Paper 500 Grit, Polychromos and Luminance colored pencils, Colored Pencil Painting Kit

“Working with the Powder Blender and ACP Fixatives opened up a whole different style for me with colored pencils. In the past, I avoided working in surrealism with my pencils because I typically change my mind so much during the painting process with my designs. Traditionally, working with this medium required extreme planning because mistakes and changes are so hard, if not impossible, to make. With Powder Blender I was able to erase, layer, and change things like I’ve never been able to do before! I even used a stencil with an eraser to create my textured background. As if I wasn’t excited enough about those features, it allowed me to work extremely fast. I completed this large piece after three evenings of work instead of the usual two weeks it would have taken me for something this size!”