UArt Premium Sanded paper 600 Grit, Faber-Castell Polychromos Colored Pencils, #2 Mechanical Pencil, Pan-Pastel Sofft applicator sponges, Mona Lisa Odorless mineral spirits, straight edge, masking fluid, masking tape, #2 liner paint brush, Powder Blender, ACP Textured Fixative, Colored Pencil Titanium White, Touch-up Texture, and ACP Final Fixative

“I love experimenting with various mediums and art supplies. I have had the most fun with the Brush and Pencil Colored Pencil Painting Kit. Each of these products can be used individually on a work of art or can all be used together to bring your colored pencil art to a whole new level. The Powder Blender and Textured Fixative allows me to cover a large area and build color quickly. Combined, I am able to get intense, rich color that is seamlessly blended without any sign of pencil markings. This is unlike any other blending source I have ever used with colored pencils. People are amazed when I tell them I used colored pencil in my artwork because it is so bold and well blended. The Textured Fixative spray allows for endless layering to build depth and details that are impossible for me to achieve otherwise. I love to use the Colored Pencil Titanium White dry along with the Powdered Blender with a paint brush to achieve various looks. I use it to create soft clouds, bokah effects in the background, and soft highlights. Titanium White combined with the Touch-up Texture creates a paint like mixture that is applied to achieve fine details and highlights while still staying true to the colored pencil medium. The Final fixative is the perfect finish to any colored pencil piece. The fact that these products are non-toxic are a huge plus as well. The Colored Pencil Painting Kit has become just as important to my art supplies as a paintbrush or piece of paper. I cannot create without it!”