UArt Premium Sanded Pastel Paper 400 Grit, Prismacolor Pencils, Powder Blender, ACP Textured and Final Fixatives, Colored Pencil Titanium White and Touch Up Texture

“The Powder Blender product has quickly become a staple in my drawing arsenal. I love being able to cover large amounts of surface using less pencil then with other blending methods! The ACP Textured fixative allows the build up of layers upon layers of colour without wrecking the tooth of the paper, and having the image become muddled or burnished before wanted. Because of the layering allowed, I find the colours achieved to be richer and fuller then with other blending methods. The best is saved for last with the Titanium White and Touch-Up Texture. I used to struggle with keeping my whites as brilliant as I need them to be. The ability to be able to add the final pop of white where needed is a god send. You can achieve bright brilliant white or add a subtle amount in more subdued areas. Its amazing! Seal it all with the ACP Final fixative and you never have to worry about your work smudging or getting ruined before its time. Love it all!”