Colored Pencil Painting Kit




Unleash the true potential of colored pencil medium with the unique set of tools created by Alyona Nickelsen. Explore the amazing content of the One-Stop Colored Pencil Painting Kit:

Advanced Colored Pencil Textured Fixative (9 oz. aerosol can, AFS<1.75)
Enables virtually unlimited colored pencil layering by adding maximum workable tooth to the painting surface. Creates minimum impact on already established values or colors. Isolates previous colored pencil layers and makes them resistant to subsequent Odorless Mineral Spirits application. Provides ability to apply chromatic colors onto a black surface without white underpainting. Allows development of the form from dark to light and light to dark. Non-toxic, non-yellowing, non-darkening, acid free with no odor. Dries and hardens in minutes.

Advanced Colored Pencil Final Fixative (9 oz. aerosol can, AFS<1.75)
Provides long lasting protection for colored pencil artwork. Non-toxic, non-yellowing, non-darkening, acid free with no odor. Dries and hardens in minutes.

Colored Pencil Touch-Up Texture (10 ml bottle with brush applicator)
When there is no more surface tooth left, but creating it on a large area is not desirable, this applicator supplies texture with precision and control to tight places or next to the edges. After treated area is completely dry it hardens and allows you to easily create bright highlights or render a small detail.

Colored Pencil Powder Blender (14 gr jar with sifter)
A remarkable solution for blending colors on rigid toothy surface without the use of solvents or liquids. Just a small amount on a sponge applicator does an excellent blending job and performs well with oil and wax-based type of colored pencils.

Colored Pencil Titanium White (14 g jar with sifter)
The safest and most opaque white available to artists today and a part of any white colored pencil core. When applied with a small sponge applicator to a toothy surface pure Titanium White has maximum covering power and creates the brightest possible whites in the composition. Easy to correct by lifting with mounting putty and easy to secure to the surface with a spray of Advanced Colored Pencil Final Fixative.

Purchase Colored Pencil Painting Kit and receive:

Free Colored Pencil Painting Kit Carry Case – a stylish way to keep your supplies handy.
Free Set of Colored Pencil Applicators (5 each) – applicator has a durable pad of just the right size and makes blending easy.

Additional information

Weight 2.1 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × 4 in


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